Editors' Letter (Meta Coat)

Editors' Letter

PER/se London presents META, Edition III of our signature coat. For this piece we have partnered with ceramicist Reiko Kaneko, using her signature glaze to create a bespoke print.


The Coat 

The day to day tools of life come down to a few fragments really. The things we wear, we consume, we experience. The repetitive tasks of the day, eating, drinking, talking, walking, dressing. As each day renews so do the daily duties of living. It’s an intimate affair really. All this doing, making, being. 

One of the core tools we use for our process of making at PER/se HQ are our hands. We touch and test fabric, twisting, pulling, manipulating, cutting, sewing. From simple fibres we bring about a tool for expressing ourselves, the coat. This led to us thinking of the many crafts that rely so heavily on the hands, the intimacy, the craft.

The works of Reiko Kaneko are a labour of patience and aesthetic experimentation. The art of a ceramicist is bringing to life singular objects that start with a simple mound of clay. The sculptor faces her mass of stone, a wood carver embraces his hunk of oak, the musician a heap of resting, anonymous notes. From the simplest ingredient, the artist makes anew an object that weaves its way into our daily lives. Metamorphosis is the thread that ties this altogether.

We were inspired by Reiko’s work with a specific glaze. The undulating, random fall of colours, blasted in a furnace to create a spontaneous outpouring of lines, shadows and shapes. We then developed this with our fabric printers based in Macclesfield, morphing this design into a print for our third Edition coat - Meta. We chose thick woven linen as the canvas, a nod to the humble but time old companion of the artist. Each thread picks up the colours and undulating vectors of the glaze. The coat is foremost a piece of outerwear, and next it is an expression through another medium, of Reiko’s unique eye and skill as a master ceramicist.

The Meta coat is ideal for layering with a thick ribbed sweater for the winter, and then as the cold thaws, wear with a crisp cotton shirt and a can do attitude.


Remember, it takes #JustOne thought, action, person, to make a difference.



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