The Learner is now available at:

Alex Eagle | London
Soho Farmhouse | Oxfordshire
INSCAPE | New York
RIBA Bookshops | London
The Koppel Project | London

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"How nice is it to make something with so much story and life to it that you simply don’t need another?"


'PER/se Launches “The Learner” Stationary for Women’s Self Development'

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'The design duo behind Per/se (twins Hardeep and Mandeep Kaur) believe that great style must come with self-reflection...'

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'Mandeep and Hardeep Kaur are the co-founders of PER/se London, a brand with minimalism, mindfulness and quality at the heart.

Together, they create meaningful products with a purpose...'


'Twins and co-Founders of PER/se London, a design house to create less but better, Mandeep and Hardeep...'

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'2 Sisters, 6 Outfits and Proof That Style Might Be Genetic Prepare to wish you had a twin...'

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'...when we stumbled upon PER/se, a London based brand that was created by Mandeep & Hardeep Kaur, we were instantly hooked...'

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'Mandeep and Hardeep Kaur: The Kaur twins have created a fashion brand around a single product. Here’s why.'

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'PER/se isn't trying to go big, but rather trying to go deep.'

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'In bypassing the traditional cycle of luxury sales, the sisters are leveraging the power of social media in a way that only millennials can.'