The Learner is now available at:

RIBA Bookshop | London
Soho Farmhouse | Oxfordshire
Pophams Home | London

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How To Spend It

"Quality in fabrics and a focus on fit are inherent to how we were raised."

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"What if you could build a life based on individual moments, actions and thoughts?"

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“No one has to like your product, no one has to do anything for you but that should never undermine the vision you have and what you want to do.”


"How nice is it to make something with so much story and life to it that you simply don’t need another?"


'PER/se Launches “The Learner” Stationary for Women’s Self Development'

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'The design duo behind Per/se (twins Hardeep and Mandeep Kaur) believe that great style must come with self-reflection...'

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'Mandeep and Hardeep Kaur are the co-founders of PER/se London, a brand with minimalism, mindfulness and quality at the heart.

Together, they create meaningful products with a purpose...'


'Twins and co-Founders of PER/se London, a design house to create less but better, Mandeep and Hardeep...'

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'2 Sisters, 6 Outfits and Proof That Style Might Be Genetic Prepare to wish you had a twin...'

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'...when we stumbled upon PER/se, a London based brand that was created by Mandeep & Hardeep Kaur, we were instantly hooked...'

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'Mandeep and Hardeep Kaur: The Kaur twins have created a fashion brand around a single product. Here’s why.'

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'PER/se isn't trying to go big, but rather trying to go deep.'

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'In bypassing the traditional cycle of luxury sales, the sisters are leveraging the power of social media in a way that only millennials can.'

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'"At a fundamental level we believe in less but better – we live in a crowded world and marketplace, where meaning is often substituted with quantity and speed".