Editors' Letter (Nebula Coat)

Editors' Letter

This is the beginning, an inauguration of sorts. The story goes back nearly 30 years, when we came into the world together, the one behind the other, five minutes of life between one twin and the other. 

The versions of this story could be many, but that wouldn't be the point. There are only two that really count. And how they came together to create Just One.

We wondered what would happen if we created something that we could live by every single day. That would help us and those who surrounded us, to expand our view of the world. To architect our own world, universe even. No more would we play along, the game of more, quicker, but always less somehow when the curtain went down. 

What if you could build a life based on individual moments, actions, thoughts? Allowing these moments to accrue incrementally. No more deferment but rather the practice of the here and now. Because, in case you hadn't realised, life is fairly epic, in a completely cool way. So we present our contribution to this practice of less but better - #JustOne.



(we'll be sourcing interesting articles, ideas, thoughts from around the world, for the perennially curious)