The Film

Watch: we staged an experiment and it was marvellous! As you all know we really value the power of conscious living - leading an intentional life, knowing why we do what we do. Our call to action is #JustOne - it takes #JustOne idea, person, moment, to have a profound effect on the self and others. This sets us on a course towards less noise and confusion and more self-awareness and contentment. This is a super power, and we want everyone to use it.

Linked to our #LessIsMore collaboration with PINTRILL we took to the streets in London and asked complete strangers if they could just do one thing LESS, and one thing MORE, that would affect positive change for themselves, what would it be? We were deeply touched by how open and honest perfect strangers were, and also how cool, self-aware and optimistic they are. The 1m40s #film is in the link above. We went way out of our comfort zone in this one but it was worth it. Please watch if you want to feel more connected to your fellow humans.