Deluge Coat

Deluge Coat

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Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat



Here is Deluge, our fourth edition coat, a collaboration with artist Faig Ahmed.

Deluge is inspired by Faig’s ‘Flood Series’. The coat combines neoprene on the front and Faig’s dissolving motif on the back. This is a world of optical illusions woven into an age old tradition.

Our signature in-house silhouette remains consistent in its features - the kimono inspired sleeves, the discreet inner pockets for a handsfree existence, the effortless fall of fabric that allows you to layer it, to belt it, to leave it open.

Neoprene is a perfect conductor of temperature, it’ll keep you warm when you need it most, and cool when it starts to warm up. It’s also a fabric that travels very well - it’s resilient to creasing and will hold its structure whether you travel by plane, train or foot.

It’s ideal for layering with a sweater or shirt for cooler days, and then a simple cotton t-shirt for Spring days.

Made in England.



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We only make a piece once you order it - it is made for you.

It is made with attention, care and precision in London.

There are hidden, in-built pockets for your essentials - debit cards, phone, cash and earphones. It's a handsfree existence.

The piece will be with you within a month of your order.


The Deluge coat is a medium weight piece of outerwear, pair with a t-shirt or sweater depending on the temperature of the day.

Colour: black neoprene with red and black printed cotton.

Base fabric: neoprene (woven in Italy).

Artwork printed by RA Smart in Macclesfield, North England.

Inner binding sourced from the UK, pure cotton.

Dry clean only.


All sizes are UK. The fit is generous, for a UK size 8-10, select your Deluge in size 8, for a UK size 10-12, select your Deluge in size 10 and so on.

If you are a true UK size 10, select your Deluge in size 10, if you are a true UK size 12, select your Deluge in size 12 and so on.


Dymphna worked on the pattern for the Deluge coat, Singh made the first sample of the Deluge coat, Nikki will create your Deluge coat when you order.

Limited Edition.

Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat Deluge Coat